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Our company offers a wide range of new and used buses manufactured by Neoplan, MAN, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Volvo, Irisbus, etc. We offer a full scope of services regarding purchase of trucks, buses and agricultural machinery delivered from Germany.

  • We settle all formalities connected with customs clearance and paperwork.

  • We perform a thorough presale inspectation of every vehicle unit.

  • We deliver vehicles to the largest Russian and Finnish ports.

  • We provide our customers with visa support.

  • We provide extended leasing facilities.

  • We also let our buses on rent.

    We appreciate a longterm cooperation with our such business partners as MAN Nürnberg, Neoman, EVO BUS, Holmer Machinenbau Gmbh, etc. Possessing a complete information of European bus market and available bus units we'll do our best to save your money and time. Competitive prices and high standard service are guaranteed!

    Every bus unit is on the run and is featured by nice technical characteristics. You are welcome for a fruitful cooperation.

  • Recently added
    RENAULT FR 1 NOGE interurban bus RENAULT FR 1 NOGE €5,500 Interurban bus 1999-03 549875 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    SETRA 319 GT HD coach bus SETRA 319 GT HD €9,700 Coach bus 2004-03 1517387 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    VOLVO  B12 coach bus VOLVO B12 €9,700 Coach bus 2001-04 665784 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    VOLVO B12B coach bus VOLVO B12B €12,800 Coach bus 2003-09 1001040 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    VOLVO  B12B interurban bus VOLVO B12B €13,700 Interurban bus 2004-02 884567 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    SCANIA K124 coach bus SCANIA K124 €8,700 Coach bus 2002-02 556789 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
    MAN 10-225  interurban bus MAN 10-225 €7,300 Interurban bus 2003-11 764532 km Spain, MASSANASSA (VALENCIA)
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